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Creating a safe learning environment starts with awareness and early reporting of concerning behaviors. That’s why the Iowa Governor’s School Safety Bureau developed Safe+Sound Iowa—an anonymous reporting tool for students, teachers, parents and community members to help identify and provide intervention for students in crisis before they harm themselves or others. Please see answers to the most common questions.

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How do I know if my school uses Safe+Sound Iowa?

Participating in our anonymous reporting system is voluntary. Contact your school's administration, superintendent or principal's office to ask about the school safety program, or check the list of schools within the Safe+Sound Iowa mobile app or website.

Regardless of if your school participates, you can download and use the mobile app, website or toll-free tip line to anonymously report threats of school violence or concerning behavior 24/7. The system will send those reports to contacts designated by the affected schools and local law enforcement.

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What can I report?

Our focus is on school violence safety concerns, such as unlawful possession of guns and knives, assault or abuse, drug trafficking or distribution, sexual abuse, explosives, human trafficking, planned school attacks, threats of suicide, self harm, terrorism threats, or any other violence or dangerous situation that puts school or student safety at risk.

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How do I remain anonymous?

You will not be asked for your identifying information when making a report. We will only ask for information about the situation causing concern. You may include your name if you like, but it is not required.

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Who determines the response?

We relay report information to local partners. School and local law enforcement officials have authority to determine how they respond to reports.

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If a concern is reported about a student, how is the student's information protected?

Reporting information is kept confidential and is not subject to disclosure under Iowa open records laws. Threat report information is only shared with designated school staff and law enforcement with a right and need to know to address reported concerns.

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Will I get updates on the status of my report or how it was resolved?

You can follow up on the status, view replies or add information to a report:

  • Mobile App - Use the "Review/Update Existing Tip" menu on the main screen.
  • Website - Use the unique ID and password you were given at the time you submitted your request. 
  • Tip Line - Call 800-224-6018 and tell our communications specialist what you would like to do. 

Because reports are anonymous and all information is kept confidential, we will not inform you of how the situation was resolved.

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How much information do I need to know about a situation before I report it?

Make a report as soon as possible with the information you have. While the more information you share, the more effective a response can be, you can always go back and add new details to your report. (For instructions, refer to answer above or see step 7 under "How to Report" on page six in our "How It Works" guidebook.)