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You can help put an end to school violence. 

Our anonymous reporting system empowers students, teachers, communities - and parents like you - to identify and provide intervention for students at risk and threats to school safety.


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When a safety concern is reported, a communications specialist immediately gets and relays the information to local school and law enforcement officials. They determine who should respond, and how to address the situation.

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Students often know about mental health and safety issues among their peers before adults do. Yet, feelings of anxiety or intimidation, fear of retaliation or not knowing who to talk to can keep them from sharing. Safe+Sound Iowa removes these barriers with easy, convenient, and confidential ways to report concerns.


A variety of resources are available to help you and your child learn more about Safe+Sound Iowa.

How do I know if my child's school is participating? 

Our school violence prevention program is voluntary. Contact your child's school administrator, superintendent or principal's office to confirm participation. 

Whether or not your child's school participates, anyone may download and use our mobile app, website, or toll-free tip line to anonymously report threats of school violence or concerning behavior 24/7. We will send those reports to contacts designated by the affected schools and local law enforcement. 

How can I talk to my child about using this school safety reporting tool? 

Students are often aware of safety issues at school and among peers before adults. They may wonder if they should tell someone, and if so, who? You can help by having ongoing open conversations with your child about their experiences and what to do if they have concerns. Consider these points when talking with your child: 

  • Everyone can play a role in school safety. Adults are responsible for keeping students safe, but we can't do anything to help unless we know there is a problem. When you share your concern, you help someone who is struggling, hurt, or may harm themselves or others. 
  • Tell an adult you trust if you know, see or hear something that makes you feel nervous, worried or frightened. If you aren't sure which adult to tell or don't feel comfortable, Safe+Sound Iowa is there for you - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • We will get the right people involved to help the student in crisis or at risk for violence. Anything you report to our school safety program is anonymous, which means nobody will know what you share came from you. 


Does the mobile app provide alerts of danger or potential school violence?

No. We share reports received through our mobile app, tip line and website with designated local school and law enforcement officials only. Schools should follow current procedures and protocols in place for communicating with students, staff, parents and the community at large. 

As a parent or guardian, will I be notified if a report is made by or about my child?

No. We will not notify a parent or guardian if a report is made by or about their child. Depending on how local law school and law enforcement officials determine it is best to respond and address the situation, they may notify a student's parent or guardian.

If someone makes a report about my child, will it be added to my child's academic record?

No. Our reports are not include in students' academic records. 

Can I make a report on behalf of my child?

Yes. Adults can submit reports on their own behalf and/or on behalf of their child. Like all reports, yours will remain anonymous.